Playing the Field in Online Dating

In the online dating world, everything your parents ever told you about being faithful goes out the window. It is your one true opportunity to play the field and meet as many singles as possible. The point of online dating may be to find your true match, but you’ll never really know who that is unless you exhaust all possibilities. No one’s feelings will get hurt; shopping around is the name of the game.

Here then are some tips on how to successfully play the online dating field.

Know what you’re looking for, but be open-minded

Just like searching for a job, finding your perfect match involves knowing what it is you’re looking for. The trouble is the more you narrow your list, the harder it may be to find someone who is truly right for you. In fact, the most successful online daters are those who are capable of remaining open-minded and even slightly adventurous. Allowing yourself the opportunity to be surprised will not only increase your contacts exponentially, but also the likelihood for love.

Take the time to search

There is never any need to rush on an online dating site (especially if there are millions of profiles!), so take your time and look around. Know that the best way to use a dating site is to be pro-active. Do not wait for other members to find you, be on the look out for people you find attractive. Start with the singles in your immediate region, but also don’t be shy to see who’s online at any given hour. Looking for people who share similar interests or tastes may be another good approach, but remember to always read a profile carefully in order to make the most of your time.

Always be upfront and honest

It may be out in the open that you are meeting and corresponding with multitudes of singles, but it would still be a good idea to be upfront and honest with everyone you meet. Simply telling a person that you are not interested, or that you are taking the time to meet many people will go a long way towards creating a respectful atmosphere.

Always send personalized emails

One of the best ways to introduce yourself is to send a unique, personalized email asking members if they would like to chat one day. Don’t be afraid to be funny, and to talk about yourself. This is your mini-sales pitch, so take your time and send out as many as possible.

Chat, chat, chat

Unlike approaching people in bars or public settings, online dating allows a far easier method of meeting new singles: the chat. Diving right in is the best medicine for those anxious to get started, so once you’ve looked through some of the available singles and selected those you’re interested in, get busy chatting! Looking at a profile, after all, can only get you so far. The more you talk and correspond, the more you’ll find out about a person’s character.

Finding your perfect match is the name of the game in online dating, but to get to that destination, you need to put yourself out there and meet as many singles as possible. Playing the field is then a necessary part of the online adventure, so have fun with it, chat often, meet many safely, and be lucky in love.


Tips For Choosing the Right Online Dating Website

Online dating websites can be of great help if you wish to meet singles and find a partner. In today’s times dating sites have become a most happening place, especially with singles from the country or probably all over the world hanging out at these sites. However, before you do join a dating site in order to meet and date other people, it is essential that you keep a few essential tips in mind.

What is the Cost?

One of the important things that need be kept in mind while deciding upon the website to join is the cost factor. Today, so many such website services are available that you may be spoilt for choices; however, not all these sites are free to use. Most would allow you to join for free but would limit your access to the other members. In a free account, while some of the online dating websites would allow you to send short message (without contact information), others would even allow you to chat. It is always desirable that you use a site that offers full/premium membership privileges at the beginning, even if for a limited period of a few months or a year. This is especially useful as you can decide about the usefulness and user-base of the site and the services offered by the website. So, it may help to evaluate the cost of a full membership against the advantages and then, you can determine whether it is worth it.

What are the Site Profiles like?

The profile on any site will depend upon what all fields are included in it and how much detail is required or allowed in a profile. Many of the profiles have questions like “What is the kind of person that you are looking for?” or “What kind of a relationship you are looking for?” Such open ended questions can lead a person to detail his likes and dislikes with regard to types of people and relationships. Detailed profiles may be instrumental in finding a partner or, in helping the other members in understanding you. Also most of the profiles include fields like hobbies, interests, profession, earnings, physical statistics like height, color of eyes, body type etc. These fields and a photograph can help in giving a correct picture of a member’s physical attributes to the other members. Some sites even offer tips regarding creation of an interesting profile.

What Features are Available?

The online dating websites offer multiple ways in which you can communicate with the other members on the site. These may include chats, blogs, messaging, or mailing. Several such methods are available on most online dating sites that make it easy to get acquainted and comfortable with the other members of the website. In fact, nowadays many online dating websites may also give you suggestions regarding dating, gifts and may offer relationship advice. Such features can prove to be a big add-on when you are actively searching for a partner or have just started dating somebody.

Depending upon your preference and comfort level you can choose a dating site that is just right for you. So, if you are trying to find that special someone remember that help is just a mouse’s click away. A little research, followed by an informed decision about the online dating service to use, can take you a long way in your quest for a partner who is just right for you.

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